Stitch Fix–Box #5

{May 06, 2017} Stitch Fix Box #5 has ARRIVED. Whenever I open my front door to a nice cardboard box with stitch fix tape, my little brain goes to child mode. It’s like Christmas (every three weeks!)



Item #1–Charley Button Up High Rise Fray Hem Short {JUST BLACK}

Charley Button Up High Rise Fray Hem Short {Box #5}

So in my last fix, I was given the cutest little blue shorts…that proceeded to not make it over my butt. Sad I had to give them back, my superhero stylist, Molly (shoutout!) sent me a new short in a new style to try and I’m almost glad the first pair didn’t fit! These hug it all in and I’m in love. I’m a sucker for the high waist and button look, but on top of that these are soft and stretchy. I was a little nervous about the frayed bottom, but once I put them on, I realized it was perfect. {KEEPING} 



Item #2–Caine Fringe Open Cardigan {SKIES ARE BLUE}


I am a sucker for a cardigan, but my norm is black, dark blue, gray, (you get my point). This is my first patterned cardigan and when I pulled it out of the box, I wasn’t sold, BUT, my goodness was it soft. So obviously, I had to put it on, (I actually ended up putting it over the Alecto Halter Top) and behold–the cutest date outfit! I have quickly realized through stitch fix that sometimes the thing you don’t think you’ll love is the one you end up loving most. {KEEPING} 





Item #3–Ludo Cold Shoulder Top {KAILEIGH} 


This beauty. I’m not going to lie, this was the one item I was little on-the-edge for purchasing. I’m not normally an off-the-shoulder-sleeve kinda girl, but I told myself to give it a try. (For trying purposes), I paired it with my Charley Button Up High Rise Fray Hem Short and the overall look was super cute and airy. If there hadn’t been normal spaghetti straps along with the off-the-shoulder, I probably would have returned this piece. BUT, my stylist knows me better than I know myself. I have to follow what she’s giving me, and I think this is a great, easy piece to just throw on when I’m on-the-go this summer. SO IT SHALL STAY. {KEEPING} 



Item #4–Alecto Halter Top {RENEE C} 

Alecto Halter Top

I think…this is my favorite piece of the stitch fix box. THIS BEAUTY. Is 110% not me at all, it’s full of color, of life and has an interesting high-neck cut that I have never rocked in my life. As soon as I saw it, I willed it, wished it, prayed it to look absolutely flawless on me. AND GUESS WHAT. It did. My god, I immediately snapped a pic to my mom who picked it as her favorite top I currently, (now) own. I think this is the most flexible top, pair it with jeans, pair it with shorts, pair it with a skirt, dress it up, dress it down, throw a cardigan over it. This top has endless possibilities, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve already found multiple occasions to wear it. {KEEPING} 




Item #5–Ruby Maxi Dress {FATE} 



Here we are, the first dress I’ve kept from stitch fix. This dress, is beautiful. The top layer is a sheer white, with a beautiful floral design, (if you can’t tell yet, I’ve got a real thing for the floral). Underneath the sheer is a solid white slip that goes down to the thighs, (to cover up everything you don’t want anyone seeing). In my dreams, I have always wanted to own a dress like this, and Molly (shoutout) delivered it. My only concern with this dress is it just seems so fancy, and like it’s for that perfect occasion. The one that I don’t often, (okay, never) really have. My work is a very casual dress code, which is what most of my boxes consist of. This jumps a little bit out of that zone, but honestly I just couldn’t put this dress back into the box. It’s girly, feminine, a little edgy with the right coat on top of it and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. That being said, I don’t know if I’ll keep another dress like this from stitch fix, (I’ve returned a few in the past) but I definitely will keep an open mind to what my stylist thinks is best. She does just keep on rocking it out of the park for me. {KEEPING} 








That’s a wrap ladies and gents! Hope you loved my stitch fix box #5, I sure did. It was a hit out of the ballpark and I ended up keeping every single item in it! Want to check out my inspiration? View my stitch fix Pinterest board. (This is what my stylist uses to pick out items for me. I update it constantly) Interested in trying it? Personally, I don’t think you’ll regret it. Use my referral code to sign up. (or don’t) but I’d appreciate it if you did!



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