The “Happy” Jar

I’ve decided to start writing about my experiences and my life as I start a new chapter with my beau, the PA School Chapter. Not only is my man starting down his journey to become a Physician’s Assistant, but he’s doing it in another state. & even though I can get down to see him with a three hour drive, the program is so stressful & rigorous that I really don’t think I’ll be seeing him as much as I want.

Let me start off by saying, long distance is hard. No matter the distance, no matter the reason, don’t let anyone belittle you for what it is. It takes effort, patience, love and a whole lot of other stuff.

I’ve been hearing him really freak out about school, studying and the pressure he’s under and I decided to make him a little something that hopefully puts a smile on his face every once and awhile. I’ve gotten to crafting and have made “The Happy Jar.” (Officially named for him, Think Happy Thoughts)

It’s super simple (and nice on the budget)! Here’s what you need:

  • A Jar (I grabbed mine from Joann’s, but you could probably find something around the house or even at Walmart!)
  • Pieces of construction paper (I choose to color code my messages, but it’s up to you and what you’re planning to write)
  • Letter Stickers (I did this to add a little something to it, an alternative would be to just print it up on a piece of paper and stick it onto the side)

The finished product – TAAAAA DAAAAAAAAAA! (Okay it’s not really finished, but it takes a bit to fill up the jar).


The best part is, this gift is totally customizable to your man (or woman). I choose topics including “Jokes & Things“, “Inspirational Quotes“, “I Love You So Bad“, & “Song Lyrics“. These are all customized to things I know my man will love and I highly encourage anyone doing this to pick topics that they know their significant other will love.

So what do you do next? FILL THAT JAR WITH HAPPY. Throw in some love notes, grab a joke that’ll make someone laugh, give the push someone needs to do great things. My jar is mostly filled with quotes telling him HE. CAN. DO. THIS. ‘Cause that’s what he needs right now. & I can’t wait to refill up the jar once he’s read everything.

I also grabbed this little poem from Pinterest and added it to the other side of my Happy Jar, just for good measure!


Looking for some inspiration of things to write?

  • I love you because (FILL IN THE BLANK)
  • I can’t wait until (FILL IN THE BLANK)
  • Comics from your local paper
  • Inspirational (YOU CAN DO IT) quotes
  • Small photos
  • Jokes, jokes & more jokes
  • Favorite memories
  • Sappy love notes



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